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4 Selected Films by Putlocker to Watch with Family from around the World

In this article, I have listed movies from international film industries including comedies, musicals and adventures. To see family movie is not boredom as you watching movies with friends; it's best to share the moment with loved ones, be entertained, and create an opportunity to discuss, learn or see something original. 4 countries are represented in these exciting stories, some popular and some not so, on social reports, historical facts, kid stuff, challenges and dreams, adventures and relationships with parents and grandparents, among other issues that are worth enjoying.

1 – Alamar from Mexico released in 2009

In the sensitive and easy Alamar, Natan, five, goes to live with his mother to Rome. But before spending a few weeks with his father in Chinchorro, one of the most valuable brands in the world corals. There, Natan learns with his father and grandfather about life and generational values of fishermen in a peaceful and harmonious environment. He also develops a bond with his father and nature that will mark forever.  

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2 – The Secret of Kells from Ireland released in 2009

This Oscars nominated animated movie is set in the medieval times. A town besieged by barbarians can change their fate when a master illuminator arrives on the island with an ancient book of secrets still unfinished. In order to finish, the young Brendan, who decides to help the teacher, must face their fears and go through a haunted forest with mythical creatures.

3 – Two sons of Francisco (Original title is ‘2 Filhos de Francisco: A História de Zezé di Camargo & Luciano’) from Brazil Released in 2005

This film won over 25 international awards and was the official selection of Brazil in 2006 for the Oscars. It tells the true story of Zeze and Luciano, two popular Brazilian musicians. They are very small when they are delivered by their father to a supposed representative of artists to be the lead touring the country and give them a better future away from extreme poverty. It is funny and entertaining with a huge emotional charge.

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4 – School of Rock from USA Released in 2003

Acted by children prodigies, School of Rock finished the race of consolidating musician and actor Jack Black. It is difficult to classify between musical and comedy or if there is the ‘ridiculously inspiring’ genre. The movie tells the original story of a man depressed about his musical failures; to pay his debts, he accepts a job as a substitute teacher in fourth grade and discovers that some of the students are geniuses who could win contests and earn money to give him. It is a must watch for all the children with musical aspirations.

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